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Archive for February, 2016

Easter Story

• February 29, 2016

At the end of this week you will be retelling the Easter Story. Watch the story using the link below to become familiar with it at home: Cbeebies Easter Story Who are the main characters? What happened to Jesus? Can you retell the events in order of what happened to someone in your family?  

Science – Pushes and Pulls

• February 26, 2016

Year One made the most of the beautiful weather this afternoon. We saw the first signs of Spring whilst exploring pushes and pulls in our local environment. Have a look at these pictures – where can you see our bodies making pushing movements? Where can you see our bodies making pulling movements? Are there any […]

Which materials would be the best to build a house?

• February 12, 2016

We investigated which material would be best to build a house for a pig. We used three different materials and worked in groups to build house. We then discussed the different ways we would keep our experiment a ‘fair test’. Can you remember what we decided to do to make it a fair test? 720p  […]

Windsor Castle 2016

• February 12, 2016

Windsor Movie 2016 A huge thank you for coming to watch our assembly today. We loved visiting Windsor Castle and practising our lines for our assembly. Have a great half term everyone 🙂


• February 11, 2016

After half term, we will be learning about pushes and pulls in Science. Practise using the link below to investigate what happens to the objects when you push and what happens when you pull. Pushing and pulling are types of forces. Pushes and Pulls Investigation BBC What did you learn from playing this game?

Months of the year

• February 8, 2016

Ordering the months challenge – click to play the game. Use the song below to learn the names of the months in the year and see if you can say them in the correct order. 3HPs if you can write them in the correct order in reply to this post (don’t forget capital letters on each […]

Art and Construction Afternoon in Year One

• February 4, 2016

Year One have had a fantastic afternoon making a 3D sculpture of an elephant with Darcy Turner. The sculpture is a whole school project to be displayed in the Library. Our job was to construct the elephant’s back using just newspaper. We had to work as team to help each other roll the newspaper very […]

Science Investigation: Properties of materials

• February 3, 2016

This week the Owls and Kites have been investigating the properties of different materials. We enjoyed using magnets to test a range of materials including wood, plastic, metal, fabric and glass. If you have magnets at home, test materials around your home. Try to use the words: magnetic non-magnetic attract repel  

Learn your days of the week in order

• February 3, 2016

Click on the link below to learn the days of the week in order. Days of the week – British Council 3HPs will be awarded to those who can type the days of the week in order (by replying to this post).