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Archive for March, 2017


• March 16, 2017

We have been practising our typing skills today.

Pond life

• March 15, 2017

Now Spring has sprung, we took the chance to visit the pond and watch tadpoles wriggling their way out of the frogspawn. It was very exciting and we saw a other wildlife, like a newt, as well!  

Blast off!

• March 15, 2017

Mrs Cox helped us learn about forces this week and we made our own paper rockets. We attached them to straws and when we blew, they blast off into the atmosphere of Holme Grange! We love our Science lessons!

World Book Day

• March 2, 2017

To celebrate World Book Day, the Kites and Owls classes undertook some peer reading, sharing books with one another. The children really enjoyed themselves and helped each other with their stories. #CooperationAndCollaboration.

Science fun

• March 2, 2017

Mrs Cox made Science extra fun this week, as we investigated pushes and pulls in our outdoor learning environment. #LearningIsFun