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Waltham Place Farm

Year 1 had an amazing trip to the farm on Tuesday. We were the only school there and were so lucky to have the sun shining for nearly the whole day. The staff were very friendly and taught the children – and the teachers – new farm facts and information. We also saw rare breed sheep and their week old lambs, as well as guinea-fowl and chickens. Can the children remember why we get blue and green eggs?

There were so many activities undertaken. You might hear the children talk about making compost (yes, they may ask you to find some mole hills!), which part of different plants we eat in the kitchen garden, tractor facts, creating our own ‘smelly pots’ with the herbs and flowers growing around, as well as flour milling and chasing Mrs Poland disguised as a chicken!

It was a really wonderful day, full of learning, laughter and best of all, an understanding of how much we rely on farms to produce the food we need in our lives.

~ by stims on April 26, 2017 .

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