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Our Magic Rucksack

• June 22, 2016

The Magic Rucksack Written by Ruth Merttens Year One collected objects which took our interest this week and put them in our ‘Magic Rucksack’ based on a story we have been reading. We thought of some great adjectives to describe what our object was like and wrote sentences independently. I wonder if anyone’s object was magic?

How to make pancakes!

• January 27, 2016

Year One have been preparing ourselves for Shrove Tuesday. We spent the morning making pancakes with Mrs Harling and then wrote instructions on how to make them in our English lesson. We made sure we included the ingredients, the equipment you need and even some time openers and bossy verbs! Some of us helped Mrs […]

Not A Stick 1K

• November 25, 2015

As a basis for our Non-Fiction unit in Year One, we began by reading ‘Not A Stick’. We discussed what the characters imagines his stick is on each page. We then used this as a drama opportunity to imagine what our own ‘not a stick’s’ are. The children pretended they had an object in their […]